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Our mission statement is an important guide for the direction of our campaign.


Global Mass Community (Wefare Organization) 
is devoted to the preservation of the natural diversity
of plant and animal species, and their habitats,
through the prevention of environmental degradation
and destruction. GMCWO develops and implements
scientific strategies for decreasing fossil fuel use,
preventing climate change, and preserving plant and
animal species and their habitats.

    As part of our mission statement, we might highlight a few significant issues that differentiate our campaign or candidate. For example, we may have strong core beliefs about environmental protection or welfare reform, humanrights & health issues. 

   Our goal is to educate the public and encourage them to take volunteerinng action to save forest and biodiversity.

People support is critical. Together we can all make a difference. 

Campaign Headquarters * Sehnsa, Kotli Azad Kashmir (Pak) 11010