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(Welfare Organization) 

Global Mass Community (Welfare Organization) is a registered grassroots organization operating in State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir with the aim of increasing public awareness of natural environment & forestry needs, promotion of Information Technology; free medical camping in remote areas of forest, Wild life Security, Tourism & Technical Education.

Love and protect the Earth's endangered species, rainforests, forests, rivers, lakes, and more through activism and conservation. Our environmental education for children as well as for peoples and youth will teach them about pollution problems such as toxic waste, environmental health, global warming, Green house effect, Climate change and many other ecological concerns.

Of particular concern is the need to preserve the increasingly threatened stands of cheer and other trees, which is widely used for firewood.  

The major challenges for us, like poverty, illiteracy, pollutions and social inequalities and lake of knowledge about forest in local community, summer fire and negative trend to occupy forest land are major causes of degrading biodiversity of forest in this region.  GMCWO is focusing to eliminate these problems and promoting information technology and environmental awareness program. IT can be an important tool for development, but it shouldn’t be viewed in separation as it sometimes is. Access to information is critical for development – this included national and global information.

The computer can play an important role in changing life style, consumption patterns and even cultural mores. It facilitates the communication process through visual impacts, empowering the user not only to define the outer reaches of his/her own search for knowledge but also to achieve it with fast speed.

Global Mass Community is only environmental organization in Azad Kashmir , which is active practically and enjoys wide support.

We would be particularly interested in receiving moral, financial support from Government, donor's agencies and organization to promote our "Environmental Awareness" grassroot Motivation Plan.

GMCWO's goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

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